Fight for Consensus Energy, Win Crypto as Spoils
3 min readFeb 23, 2022


We are excited to announce our partnership with OpenDAO! OpenDAO is a digital native community centred around levelling the playing field for both creators and collectors. In fact, we think OpenDAO and NFTwiki have so much synergy — Consensus values in the NFT world. The partnership is designed to support new artists fighting for consensus energy. Consensus energy is a term used to describe how users can earn rewards for interacting with posts, ideas, and user-curated content.

The benefit to the holders of The OpenDAO $SOS token is creating a robust user-centric foundation where community members can showcase their gallery and support emerging artists who have won over consensus. The beauty of the communal aspect of NFTWiki is that OpenDAO members can directly decide what NFT’s are purchased and placed in the OpenDAO treasury through the $SOS token-gated quadratic voting system. NFTwiki will function as a consensus platform within the core infrastructure of the OpenDAO ecosystem, attracting $SOS token holders to dabble in consensus mining and receive benefits from their contributions.

What is OpenDAO?

OpenDAO was created by core contributor 9x9x9 and a group of NFT positive entrepreneurs. They airdropped DAO’s governance token, $SOS, to users of OpenSea, the most popular NFT trading platform. The amount of $SOS received depends on the volume of transactions on OpenSea. If you have been an active NFT trader on OpenSea, you are eligible to receive the SOS airdrop through your trading wallet. The origin and motive behind the $SOS airdrop was created as a way to pay tribute to the NFT creators, collectors, and marketplaces nurturing the entire NFT ecosystem.

How does this partnership benefit NFTwiki?

The main goals of NFTWiki are:

  • Let more people have access easily to NFT arts and collections across platforms and blockchains
  • Give normal people power to review and appreciate NFT works, let their voices be heard. Create the largest NFT consensus database (decentralised eventually)
  • Everyone can benefit from consensus contribution
  • Connect everything with playable blockchain games, create the ‘Hyper-verse’ and let it grow

The dedicated OpenDAO consensus tab on the page is specially tailored with $SOS holders in mind, allowing OpenDAO members to carve their path like never before. $SOS holders will participate in consensus mining.

Another feature is that NFT projects will be able to spend $SOS power to display their work on the front page of the curation portal. The $SOS received through this incentive will be redistributed as consensus mining rewards for those contributing quality feedback and participating in the consensus system.

NFTwiki will provide a curated page for dual token consensus mining of $SOS and $NFTK tokens. The benefits of a dual token design is the option to give better control in terms of balancing in-game economy and governance for our $SOS token.

NFTwiki will host various decentralised social events and games that allow users to monetise their participation in the community directly by earning $NFTK and $SOS and other attractive rewards.

For example, OpenDAO members and NFTwiki can use $NFTK and $SOS to participate in upcoming “staking games”.

The partnership between OpenDAO and NFTwiki supports consensus creation of value to maintain a level playing field in the digital world of creators and collectors.