NFTK withdrawals online!
3 min readJan 29, 2022


NFTwiki Fam, NFTK withdrawals are online now.

How do I withdraw NFTK?

Open the wallet page and click on “Withdraw”

Choose the network you want to withdraw NFTK from.

The withdrawal fee to Ether is 2000 NFTK, and the withdrawal fee to BSC is 50 NFTK.

Please note that the fee here is covered by you, which means that it will be deducted from the amount you withdraw.

We recommend to choose BSC, the fee is low and you can directly convert to BNB.

Enter the amount you want to withdraw, the minimum amount of NFTK withdrawals is 10000 NFTK.

After clicking to “get code”, check the email and enter the 4 digits.

The “Received” here refers to the actual NFTK you received.

Click “Save” to withdraw successfully. Finally, wait for the NFTK to arrive.

How can I view the withdrawal history?

Click on the triangle next to “withdraw” and click on “History”.

Then you will see your withdrawal history, the status of the orders that have been withdrawn.

How do I swap out NFTK for BNB? → Tutorials for Pancake swap (NFTK-BNB)

Open Pancake swap: and Connect your BSC Wallet

Yes!You must select BSC network

Import NFTK token in Your wallet;You must ensure the correct Contract:0xa8F42a57d638FEa0286A28D75d7B10A6fDeDb41D


import NFTK(NFTK Contract:0xa8F42a57d638FEa0286A28D75d7B10A6fDeDb41D)


swap succeeded

Then you can go to Binance and exchange it for fiat!



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