NFTK token release announcement
2 min readDec 27, 2021


It is time to start writing our own understanding about beauty, culture and emotion, and engrave it forever on the blockchain. Human consensus on NFT is one of the vital factors distinguishing us from the super AI, eventually.

That is why we launched the NFTWiki platform. In less than 4 months, there have been tens of thousands of serious art lovers and NFT enthusiastics joining in. More than ten thousand quality comments and wonderful NFT reviews are being generated daily. And these are the reasons that we decided to release a privilege token — NFTK (NFTWiki token).

The main purpose of NFTK is to grow the NFTWiki ecosystem autonomously and virtuously. NFTK is used to:

  • Reward good NFT consensus contributors (Consensus Mining)
  • Incentivise players participated in NFT consensus games and quests
  • Support NFT promotion
  • Yields for consensus planet owners

NFTK is a standard ERC-20 token,

Token contract:

Uniswap ETH-NFTK LP:

BSC Pancakeswap BNB-NFTK LP:

For more information of NFTK, please refer to our white paper:

NFTK Consensus Mining Reward

Dear NFT Consensus Contributors, you will be rewarded with NFTK by appreciating and commenting on NFTwiki, just like you always do.

Right now we have two balances, one NFTK and one ETH, which you can view on the Reward page. Currently NFTK does not support withdrawals, withdrawals will be notified when it launches.

Don’t forget to claim your NFTK rewards!



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