More NFTK — Locked Staking Online Now!

What is the Locked Staking?
2 min readJan 17, 2022

Locked staking rewards NFTK holds and NFTWiki believers with more rewards. Now you can earn interest in NFTK.

How do I subscribe/participate?

  • Open the Locked Staking page, then you can see all available Locked staking plans
  • Select the plan you are interested in and click “Deposit”, then enter the number of NFTKs you want to deposit and click OK. There is a minimum deposit requirement for each plan.
  • Please verify your deposit information carefully and confirm

Some terms explained

  • STAKING SUMMARY: Summary of all current NFTwiki subscriptions
  • Staking Plan: The name of the Locked Staking plan, which generally includes the period of the plan and the APY.
  • Close Date: This Locked Staking plan end time.
  • My Stake: This plan is the amount of NFTK you deposit.
  • My Reward: The accumulated interest you earn in this plan.
  • APY: APY of this plan.
  • Min Staking: Minimum deposit amount for this plan.
  • TVL(NFTK)/Limit: This plan supports the total amount of NFTK deposited.

What happens to your balance on the day you make a deposit to the Locked Wager program?

On the day of the deposit, NFTwiki Locked Staking deducts the amount of the deposit from your NFTwiki balance.

And you will see your daily interest rewards in the balance from the day after the subscription. This process will be automatic.

How do you check the date you can redeem NFTK?

Click the plan you subscribed on My Stake, the ‘unlock on’ shows the date when the locked staking completes.

What do you need to do after the redemption date?

When you reach the unlock date, your NFTK asset will be automatically released and transferred back to your account balance.