More information on Consensus Mining and FAQs
2 min readJan 4, 2022


At the beginning of the New Year in 2022, the consensus universe has become busier, with more brave, intelligent and determined players joining in. Every day, thousands of users have contributed to consensus in Consensus Base, appreciated NFT works, and shared their opinions and evaluations. Everyone earns NFT Token in return for their hard work, and such activity is called ‘Consensus Mining’.

Because of the joint efforts of everyone, the consensus base has generated a large enough consensus energy to attract 24,000 illuminions to inhabit. They absorb energy and at the same time generate NFTK tokens in return.

How does illuminion produce NFTK ?

After careful research by the base scientists, we found that the illuminion relies on Ethereum blocks to produce NFTK. Each wizard can generate 0.00016 NFTK per block. It is more or less 1 NFTK per day in terms of human time.

At the same time, due to the continuous expansion of the consensus universe, the efficiency of the consensus illuminion to absorb energy and produce NFTK is slowly decreasing. The specific rate of decline is every 2.3 million Ethereum blocks (approximately one human year), which is lower than the current production capacity by 20%.

How to determine the current production rate of Consensus Base?

As we mentioned above, the production rate is determined by two factors:

  1. The block generation speed of ethereum
  2. The number of illuminions living around the Consensus Base

How to check how many illuminions are living around the consensus base? The accurate way is to verify the number illuminion NFT (ERC-1155) on the wallet of Consensus Base. The Ethereum address of the consensus base can be queried in real time: 0xe22763B95c4639239dEB52a04513DFD21B2A66B7.

In the future, we will also have a real-time dashboard display on the main interface of the game.

The NFTWiki DAO will gradually add more illuminion NFTs (ERC-1155) according to the energy level of the consensus base, with a maximum cap of 240,000 (as illustrated on whitepaper).

Of course, interested players can also adopt one or several illuminion by themselves, and they will also bring you yields.

What are the rules for reward distribution?

Each Reward Distribution Round (RDR) consists of 270 blocks, which is about one hour of human time. Because the NFTK token generated by each block is certain, the number of rewards in each round is also determined. At this time, players who contribute to the consensus workload in this round can be allocated NFTK tokens. The specific distribution mechanism is to calculate the Contribution Score according to the player’s level (which determines the WGT weighting) and the consensus workload of the contribution, and use this score as the distribution ratio:

Contribution Score = (Likes *WGT_LIKE + Comments * WGT_COMMENT + Replies * WGT_REPLY+Wishes *WGT_WISH) * WGT_USER

Happy Consensus Game!