Introducing The NFTwiki Influencer
3 min readNov 26, 2021

To all NFTwiki contributors, ‘Influencer’ feature is now online and we are happy to share this exciting news with you!

I believe you guys have found new things on the, such as levels, experience and special small badges. In this article we will introduce NFTwiki influencer in detail.

Before introducing the influencer, allow us to explain the NFTwiki levels, which are related to the influencer.

NFTwiki’s levels are 0–100, different levels have different styles of badges and get different consensus rewards, the higher the levels the more weights when calculating reward distribution hourly. In addition, the official NFTwiki tokens will be online soon, higher level contributors get more airdrops.

So how do contributors upgrade? Get experience (Xp). For example, you are now level 1, and it needs 100 experience to upgrade from level 1 to level 2. When you have successfully gained 100 experience, then congratulations, you have been upgraded from level 1 to level 2.

How do you check the process of your current experience? We will add the progress bar of experience in the reward page later, when the progress bar is 100%, you have successfully upgraded.

There is only one way to get the experience and that is to get the consensus of the influencer. When influencer thinks your comment content quality is very good, then he/she will give your comment upvote, your experience value will be +5; when influencer thinks your comment content quality is not good, e.g. content of irrelevant, spam, hatred, etc., then he/she will give your comment downvote, 3 points would be deducted from your Xp.

There are also extreme cases. E.g., copying others’ comments, copying and pasting a lot of the same comments, abusing and insulting others with some bad intentions and some other bad behaviors, etc. everyone can report such behavior in our Telegram Group and Discord channel. Once confirmed by the admin team, they will be immediately downgraded in terms of level.

How do you become an influencer? There are two main ways.

  1. Contributors with a level of 10 or higher
  2. Users who are assessed by the team as having significant contributions to the NFTwiki community.

What are the rights and duties of an influencer?

  1. The influencer has 30 votes per day (starting at 0:00 UTC on that day) for comments on NFTwiki.

2. Receive additional influencer consensus rewards (based on one round per hour, similar to the current reward distribution mechanism).

3. Occasional NFT work airdrops and NFTK token airdrops.

4. Have a privileged channel. To make influencer’s work easier, a new channel, Latest, has been added to display works according to the latest consensus comments.

5. DAO members will review every vote cast by influencer and if they find any mistrust of votes, they will not only be punished by downgrading, but will never be able to become an influencer again.

Please continue to follow more details about influencers.